Zweeloo Woman
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Zweeloo Woman
Age 32-38
Sex F
Height between 1.65 and 1.70 metres tall
Culture Iron Age
Date(s) 60 BC - AD 200
Site Drenthe, Netherlands
Current Location
Location Drenthe Museum
Catalog #

Zweeloo Woman was bog body discovered in Drenthe, Netherlands, discovered in 1952 on the Hooge Esch opposite the twelfth-century church of Zweeloo.


Naturally preserved in a peat bog.


Date to 60 BC - AD 155 She was found to have consumed a millet-based porridge and a lot of blackberries.


Evidence of infestation was found in two areas: (1) liver paraffin sections and (2) microfossils washed from an intestinal section. Although the liver had shrunken considerably, objects consistent with operculated trematode eggs were found.

She apparently suffered from dyschondrosteosis, meaning her forearms and lower legs were shorter than average.

The mummy's bones show at least 21 cut marks made by a short bladed instrument. There is no evidence of any trauma, except possibly in the posterior aspect of the left shoulder, on the outer skin surface. Whether Zweeloo Woman was intention-ally killed or died a natural death still unclear.


She wore a linen gown with a woolen cloak or shawl over it. The cloak was fastened with decorative pins. The woman wore a string of 130 small glass beads and another of 100 amber beads. She was buried with grave goods including a silver ring, an amulet made of beaver tooth, silver toilet articles, a bronze pin in the shape of a butterfly, thirty large glass beads, a bronze armband and two bronze keys.

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