Zeleny Yar Child
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Biographical Information
Name(s) Child Warrior
Age 6-7
Sex male
Status Unknown
Height 1.28 metres
Culture unknown,possibly from Northern Sibera
Date(s) Unknown
Site Zeleny Yar
Current Location
Location Unknown
Catalog # Unknown
A child aged 6-7 years old, wearing a child-size bronze axe and bear pendant was unearthed at the Zeleny Yar necropolis, close to the Siberian Arctic. The child appears to be male, based on grave goods consisting of a bronze axe and an unidentifiable sharp tool. Also found was a bronze pendant in the form of a bear, and temple rings, suggesting the child was from a wealthy family.


The body almost completely cocooned in birch bark and copper, except the right hand and legs.
Inside opening close up
The body was almost fully mummified, except for the right hand and legs, it was covered with copper or bronze plates on the face, chest, abdomen, and groin, and bound with leather cords. The body was wrapped in two layers of fur, one layer was reindeer hide, the other layer was softer (analysis pending). The basis of the burial was an oval wooden structure. The state of preservation is credited to the freezing conditions combined with the protective wrapping.


Child burials on the site all were wrapped in fur and had no other clothes.
Inside side view of the mummy

Researchers took samples of soft tissue and probed internal organs, still intact.

Researchers hope to recreate the face of the child, the degree of preservation is very good, so reconstruction should be successful.

Analysis of his intestine shows that the child suffered from worms, possibly related to his diet, which was based on raw fish.

Archaeological evidence suggests the group utilizing the Zeleny Yar necropolis had links to Persia.

In the local Nenets tongue, the nickname the researchers gave the mummy means 'shell.'


Archeologists found 34 shallow graves at the site, including 11 bodies with shattered or missing skulls, and smashed skeletons. Five of the mummies, thus far, were found to be shrouded in copper, and covered in reindeer, beaver, wolverine or bear fur.


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