Yukon Horse
Animal Mummy
Artist reconstruction of the Yukon Horse
Biographical Information
Clas Unknown
Species Equus lambei, the Yukon horse.
Age adult
Culture Unknown
Date(s) 26,000 ya
Site Last Chance Creek, Yukon Territory
Current Location
Catalog # Unknown
Discovered in 1993 along Last Chance Creek by gold miners, a partial frozen carcass of a Yukon horse consisting of a large piece of hide, stretching from muzzle to tail with hair and mane still attached, a partial fore limb with muscle, tendons and bones, and a portion of the horse's internal organs.


The hide included a dark coat, long, lighter mane and tail hair, and there is a distinct dark dorsal stripe.

Preserved hide of the Yukon Horse

Contents of the intestine included grasses, sedges, etc., suggesting that the horse had lived in a savannah environment.

A sample of the leg bone, which evidenced being gnawed by a wolf, yielded a radiocarbon date of about 26,000 years old.

It stood about about 12 hands (1.2 metres) tall.

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