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Young Woman
Human Mummy
Young Woman.jpg
Biographical Information
Name(s) Young Woman Mummy
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture Ancient Egypt
Date(s) Roman Period (31 BCE-395 CE)
Site El-Bersha
Current Location
Location Bibliotheca Alexandrina Antiqueties Museum
Catalog # 615

Discovered in Upper Egypt, Minya, Deir El-Bersha.


Five pieces of cartonnage decorate the bandages of this mummy. The first piece forms the mask, where a multicoloured collar is under the two curls of the tripartite wig. The second piece is on the chest, where a cartonnage pectoral is designed with a scarab bettle spreading its wings. On the end of each wing is a falcon head. The third is on the abdomen, where a protector godesss spreads her wings while holding the two feathers of Maat. On the same piece of cartonnage is a mummy lying down below the goddess. On the legs lies a column of hieroglyphics framed within a geometirc decoration . The final piece of cartonnage depicts the shape of the feet on top with the soles of the sandals below.

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