A young boy from the Roman Period
Biographical Information
Name(s) A young boy from the Roman Period
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Status Elite
Height unknown
Culture Ancient Egypt
Date(s) Roman Era (40-60 AD)
Site Harawa
Current Location
Location Egypt
Catalog # none

The boy's finely gilded and decorated cartonage mask suggest he was from an elite family. The lower part of his coffin portrays a symbolic representation of a priest, or perhaps the boy himself, engaging in rituals and making offerings to the gods.  Although the practice of mummifying children in Ancient Egypt was uncommon, it increased during the Roman Period. 


Damage to spine and ribs, possibly due to mummification, however carefully wrapped in many bandages. The boy was discovered near a woman and two other children in the Hawara cemetery. The people of Arsinoe were frequently buried here during the Roman Period.


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