Yoon Clan Woman
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown
Age Unknown
Sex Female/Male Fetus
Status elite
Culture Joseon Dynasty, Korea
Date(s) 16th Century
Current Location
Location Papyeong, Gyeonggi, South Korea
Catalog #

Within a Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) hoegyeok (tomb) of Yun Jeong-jeong discovered in 2002, was the mummified body of a pregnant woman of the Yoon Clan, who lived during the 16th century. Speculation suggests she was the granddaughter of Yun Won-hyung, brother of Queen Munjeong.


The body was mummified as a result of the structure of the Hoegyeok tomb she was encased in a double-sided coffin and covered with a layer of a limestone mixture. This process insulated the body from water and air, which cause decay.


The exceptional preservation of the mummies from the brain to the intestines, has allowed scientists to answer questions about everyday life in the Joseon Dynasty. They identified her diet was and health issues.


She apparently died after a rupture in her womb in the final stage of labour. The child died unborn.


Several Papyeong Yoon women became queens during the early Joseon Dynasty, they include Queen Munjeong and Queen Janggyeong. Last ruling Empress, Empress Sunjeong of the Korean Empire, was from another Yoon clan, Haepyeong Yoon. The Haepyeong Yoon clan was originally part of the Papyeong clan but broke away forming their own clan.

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