Biographical Information
Name(s) Xiaothe
Age Unknown
Sex F
Status Mummified
Height Unknown
Culture Chinese-European
Date(s) 2,000 BCE
Site Xiaothe Tombs
Current Location
Location China
Catalog #


Xiaohe died 4,000 years ago and was discovered in 2005 at the Xiaohe tombs. She has adopted the nickname "Beauty of Xiaohe". She is known for her excellent preservation and beautiful bone features, and her eyelashes which is extremely rare to see a mummy with so much of it's facial features in tact. Her body was found along with 14 others mummies, their lifestyle today has remained a mystery.


The corpses were wrapped in wool garments. Cowhide was used to wrap the coffins in a way that not a single grain of sand was found inside. It was reported that the straw used for the baskets still looked fresh.

Pathology Edit

Xiaothe death is unknown.

Additional InfoEdit


Xiaohe was found with her all her belongings which is rare for mummies. She was also a village elder and held important status that required a fancy burial upon her death.


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