Xiang Fei
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Xiang Fei
Age 54
Sex female
Status Concubine of the Qianlong Emperor
Height 164cm
Culture 18th Century China
Date(s) 15 September 1734 – 24 May 1788
Site the tomb of Abakh Hoja
Current Location
Location China
Catalog #

Xiang Fei, also known as Fragrant Concubine, was a concubine of the Qianlong Emperor. Before she married to this emperor, she was the sister of an Uyghur general who helped Qianlong quell a rebellion in XinJiang; as a reward, Xiang Fei was sent to Qianlong's palace and became his concubine, this was also a sign of political peace between Han Chinese and the Uyghurs.

Xiang Fei was a smart lady with unique beauty belonging to China minorities, also his brother really helped the Qianlong Emperor a lot in various battles, therefore, she was cherished by the emperor and had a relatively high status among the concubines until she was asked to commit suicide by the emperor's jealous mother.


This mummy was found in the tomb of Abakh Hoja, a tomb of Qing Dynasty. She was kept in a coffin and has not decomposed (while a body found in another coffin has decomposed).

Her body was really well-preserved, no lost body parts. Her black hair was made up in a bun. And there is a cut on her throat.

One thing special is that her coffin was filled with aroma, which is consistent with Xiang Fei's story.

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