Weerdinge Men
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Weerdinge Men
Age between 160BC to 220BC
Sex Both mummies are male
Status Displayed at the Drents Museum
Culture Early European
Current Location
Catalog #

These two bog mummies were found in Bourtanger Moor, The Netherlands in 1904 by Hilbrand Gringhuis. Originally thought to be a man and a women, they were given the names Darby and Joan. In 1990, scientists noticed that the smaller of the two bodies had beard stubble on what remained of the chin. Scientists tentatively began suggesting that the "Joan" might actually be "John." Radiocarbon dating indicated that they died around 160-220 BC, a more exact time frame is unknown.


The Weerdinge Men were mummified in a bog, therefore, the skin is preserved in it's form.


The better preserved of the two Weerdinge Men had a large gash in his torso, through which his intestines spilled out. This could indicate a ritualistic killing.


The Paleo-DNA Laboratory in Canada in 2002 ran four tests on Body 1 and all four came out conclusively male. Two were run on Body 2 and one test made a male identification, the second remained questionable. It has also been suggested that mitochondrial DNA has shown that while they are of the same ethnic group, the two are likely not related maternally.

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