Wari Masked Mummy
Human Mummy
Wari Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Lady of the Mask, La Dama de La Mascara
Age unknown
Sex Female
Status Deceased Nobelwoman
Height unknown
Culture Wari Prehispanic Culture
Date(s) approx. 700 AD
Site Huaca Pucllana, Lima, Peru
Current Location
Location  Lima, Peru
Catalog # N/A

This 1,700 year old mummy was found in Lima, Peru at the ancient Huaca Pucllana Wari burial cite. This mummy is viewed as an astonishing discovery due to her startling mask that features bright, blue eyes. It is unclear as to what the blue eyes signify, but as they were made of seashells, it granted her with the nickname of "La Dama de La Mascara (the Mask Lady)". In her burial mound, archaeologists found items associated with weaving (i.e., knitting needles and balls of yarn) and thus concluded that she may have been "the Chief of the Weavers", "head of a knitting circle", or "a guild that made textiles". (Atwood) As well, she was found buried with the remains of three others, one of which was a body of a young child.


This mummy was discovered in a squatting position, wrapped in six layers of cotton and llama-wool textiles, fully covered in rope, wearing a distinctive mask with fake blue eyes placed on it.


Scientists believe that ancient Wari people would commonly sacrifice young children, in particularly females, as a part of the burial traditions. Thus, it is believed that the body of a child found alongside this mummy was most likely sacrificed for this purpose.


It is evident that Wari culture pre-dates that of Incan civilization, and there is no evidence that suggests these people had a written language. As a result, there is no textual evidence that provide insight into the customs and beliefs of the Wari people.

This particular discovery served a great purpose as it helped to uncover how Wari people conducted burials. It is one of the select sites that had the mummy and the contents of the burial mound fully intact as previously discovered sites tended to have their contents fairly damaged.

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