Vampire of Venice
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown; "Vampire of Venice"
Age 61-71 years old
Sex female
Status lower class
Height unknown
Culture Medieval European
Date(s) 16th century
Site Venetian island of Lazzaretto Nuovo
Current Location
Location University of Florence, Italy
Catalog #


Is thought to have been an ordinary woman of the lower class based on her low-class diet of mostly vegetables and grains. During her life, she was accused of being a witch because she lived until her 60s at the very least. In the 16th century, the belief of witches was on the rise and people were especially suspicious of those who were thought to have "cheated death" and live past their 40s.


This lady was mummified naturally. After her death, she was accused of being a vampire because of misunderstandings due to the way her body decomposed. Dark red liquid flowing through her nose and mouth due to the decay of her stomach was thought to be blood. The cloth in her mouth was also teared up due to the moistening of the burial shroud around the corpse's mouth by the stomach fluid. These tears were misinterpreted as chewing marks. To stop the spread of her supposed vampirism, the corpse's jaw was forced open to insert a brick in her mouth.


Jaw of corpse forced open after death; cause of death is unknown.

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