Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Userhat
Sex male
Status upper middle class (accountant of bread)
Height unknown
Culture 18th dynasty ancient Egypt
Date(s) c. 1427-1400 BC
Site TT56
Current Location
Location near the bottom of the hill of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna
Catalog #

Very little is known outside of what was found within his tomb. However, he is given titles such as "Great confidant of the Lord of the Two Lands", "Royal scribe", "Overseer of the herds of Amon", "Deputy of the first Herald" .

His most important title seemed to be "Accountant of Bread", or more exactly, "Scribe who counts the breads for the Upper and Lower Egypt." This job is thought to consist of keeping track of the quantities of grain used to make certain amounts of bread and ensuring that nothing "disappeared" during the process of making the bread.Despite his intermediate rank, Userhat was likely from a good family because he was also referred to as a "child of the royal nursery, suggesting that he was brought up in the royal court as one of the companions of the royal children and was a close friend of the king. He probably made good connections while he was there as well because he was able to have a remarkable craftsman make his tomb.

He also had a wife, Mutneferet, who bore the title of "royal ornament," and three children, two girls and a boy.


Similar to usual Egyptian mummification, with mummified viscera removed and placed into canopic jars and the body being wrapped in linen cloth.


The painted tomb of Userhat is well-preserved with unusual scenes of many subjects


It was difficult to determine a date for the tomb because of conflicting information based on architecture and style of the tomb and then certain markers from other Pharaoh's reigns.

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