Unknown Woman D
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown Woman D
Sex f
Status elite
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) c. 1187?-1185? B.C.
Current Location
Location Valley of the Kings
Catalog # 61082
Discovered in March 1898 by Victor Loret as part of a cache of royal mummies in KV35. The walls in burial chamber decorated with frieze and scenes from the Amduat; pillars with king before Osiris, Anubis and Hathor, gold stars on blue ceiling.

In the first of the side rooms located to the right of the burial chamber, Loret encountered three stripped corpses without coffins. The second side chamber, partially blocked with stones which had originally been employed in Year 13, probably of Smendes, to close off the entrance to the burial chamber - held a further nine bodies. The mummy of unknown woman D was in an upturned lid of a coffin inscribed for Setnakht. Found in western side chamber.


Unknown Woman D istentatively identified as Twosret by some. She was a wife of Seti II, regent for Siptah and later king in her own right. Seti II and Siptah's mummies were found close to Unknown Woman D. May have originally been buried in KV14. She could also be Tiye-Mereniset, the Great Royal Wife of Setnakhte and mother of Ramesses III.

Researchers reported that the wrappings had been very carelessly applied by the embalmers who had not even bothered to individually wrap the fingers and toes.

The body was that of a frail, emaciated woman who had probably been elderly at the time of her death.


Because of its position on a coffin lid, the mummy of Unknown Woman D was misidentified as Setnakhte until it was unwrapped on July 5th, 1905 by G. E. Smith.

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