Unknown Man C
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown
Sex m
Status high
Height 1.7 meters
Date(s) Dynasty 18
Site DB320
Current Location
Location Cairo Museum
Catalog # CG 61067
Found in 1881 in the Royal Cache in DB320 (now TT320) by Emil Brugsch who had all of the contents, including the mummies, removed within 48 hours of them entering this tomb.
Neither Brugsch and the Egyptian Antiquities Service who did not documented the tomb before having the contents removed, which made future study of the tomb difficult. Locations of the coffins were not documented and items were not catalogued.

He was discovered in an 18th Dynasty coffin that had been stripped of decoration by robbers and had been inscribed for a priest named Nebseni, but it is unlikely the inscription which attributes its ownership to Nebseni is part of its original decoration or a subsequent addition intended to identify a later occupant of a recycled coffin, but indications suggest Unknown Man C was not a member of the royal family .


Holes indicating that his ears had been intentionally pierced, he had black hair streaked with grey which was well preserved. His teeth were well-worn, and it was estimated that he had been well advanced in years when he died.


Senenmut, Chief Steward of Amun, Tutor to the Princess Neferure under Hatshepsut, has been proposed for the identity of the mummy as has the mayor of Thebes during the reign of Amenhotep II, Sennefer.

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