Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unas, Unis, Wadjtawy, Wenis
Sex Male
Date(s) Approximately 2390-2320BC
Current Location
Location Saqqara, near Cairo in Egypt
Catalog #
Unas, also spelled Unis, was an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh. He was also the last to rule the Fifth Dynasty during the Old Kingdom period, following Djedkare Isesi, who is thought to be his father. Unas  had built  the smallest of the royal pyramids in Saqqara, Egypt. He was the first pharaoh to have the “Pyramid Texts” carved and painted within the chambers of his pyramid, meant to aid the pharaoh’s soul on its journey to the next world.

Unas had at lease two queens, Nebet and Khenut. He and Nebet possibly had a son, who died about 10 years into Unas’ reign. Unas was thought to have several daughters, Hemetre Hemi, Khentkaues, Neferut, Nefertkaues Iku, and Sesheshet Idut, and several other children. Unas lead as pharaoh for an uncertain amount of time; thought to be about 15-30 years in the mid-24th century BC. When Unas died, it is claimed that the Fifth Dynasty came to an end, ending the “Golden age of the Old Kingdom”


In 1880, Maspero discovered Unas' mummified, linen-wrapped, and well-preserved left arm and hand along with skull fragments; now in the Cairo Museum in Cairo, Egypt.


The Remains of Unas' Pyramid

Unas choose to build his pyramid near the southwest corner of Step Pyramid of Djoser instead of at Abusir with the majority of the Fifth Dynasty Kings. It is the smallest pyramid from the Old Kingdom, but the finest in terms of bas reliefs.


The pyramid is open to tourist after a closure of more than 20 years.


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