Tuna El-Gebel Necropolis
Human Mummy
AP Photo/Roger Anis
Biographical Information
Age varied
Sex both
Status high
Culture greco-Egyptian
Date(s) 305 to 30 BC
Site Tuna El-Gebel Necropolis
Current Location
Catalog #
Excavating in the 2019 season, archaeologists unearthed more than 40 mummies at the Tuna El-Gebel Necropolis in Minya, Egypt. A rock cut tomb belonging to a middle-class family who probably lived during the Ptolemaic, early Roman, or Byzantine period yielded at least 35 adult and 12 child mummies in good condition. The mummies were found in four burial chambers, excavated to a depth of nine meters. The adult mummies evidenced traces of Demotic handwriting, with fragments of colored cartonnage near their feet. The mummies were in wooden or stone sarcophagi being placed in the sands, inside niches, or on the rock floors of the tombs.


Fragments of papyri found help to date the tomb to the Ptolemaic era.

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