Tumat Dogs
Animal Mummy
Biographical Information
Clas Unknown
Species canid
Age 3 months
Sex both
Length Unknown
Culture Iron age
Date(s) 12,400 BC
Site Sakha Republic
Current Location
Catalog #
In 2011 on a riverbank deposit of ancient bones in the permafrost; the remains of a young dog were discovered. In 2015 another puppy, perfectly preserved and dating back 12,460 was found yards away.


It is thought the puppies died in a landslide or burrow collapse and were sealed in the mud beneath the permafrost leading to mummification.


The puppies are presumed to have been from the same litter, and appear to be an extinct species of canine. The Tumat Puppy was mummified near what appears to be an ancient human settlement in the Ust-Yansky district of the Sakha Republic, by the River Syalakh.

Tumat Dog (A) found in 2011 is believed to be a three-month-old female, was remarkably well-preserved; its bones, heart, lungs, and stomach were all intact. Tumat Dog's stomach contained two pieces of twig measuring about one centimetre in length. At the time of discovery it was called the oldest mummified dog in the world.

Tumat Dog (B) aka Tumat Puppy aka Pleistocene, was found by the Museum of the Mammoth expedition from Russia's Federal University in 2015, and was better preserved than his presumed sibling. The degree of preservation was about 70 to 80% including the brain, it is the first preserved predator's brain from the era.

Further studies will include comparison of the brain with that of modern dogs and wolves. Parasites found on its body will be analyzed, as will the contents of its stomach.


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