Tran Thi Hieu
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Lady Tran Thi Hieu
Age 60
Sex F
Status Aristocrat
Height 1.52m (4'11")
Culture Vietnamese
Date(s) DOD 1869
Site Cui village in Ward 8, District 5
Current Location
Location Ho Chi Minh City
Catalog #

Tran Thi Hieu was a female Vietnamese Aristocrat who died around the age of 60 years. Vietnamese archaeologists discovered her mummy in 1994. Her coffin included grave goods such as a Buddhist necklace and bracelets, pieces of silk, leather shoes and other precious stones. Tran Thi Hieu is believed to have died in 1869.


The tomb was built using coral powder as quicklime, sand, treacle, and active coal. It was eight meters deep. This compound covered the sarcophagus and the coffin preventing air, bacterium and other contaminants from penetrating and decomposing the body. Both coffins were painted with a layer of tar to prevent red liquid pine oil from running out. Covering the coffins were two pieces of sedge mat and a pile of giay ban (traditional paper used by the Dao ethnic minority in the northern mountainous province of Cao Bang) as desiccators. The body was rolled in many layers of cloth and wore nine layers of gowns. Within the layers of cloth around the body, a silk piece was found noting who the mummy was and more information about her life.


After the remains were found the mummy was transported to the Ho Chi Minh City Medical University's Hospital for for further research about the mummy's life. She then was brought to the Vietnam History Museum for preservation and display to the public.


There was no exact cause of death stated in the findings.


She is believed to be a relative of Gia Long (1762-1820) the first king of Vietnam's Nguyen Dynasty. A piece of silk with Han script, referring to Hieu's royal origin was found in the coffin.

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