Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Tayesmutengebtiu, also called Tamutin, previously known as Tjentmutengebtiu
Sex f
Status high
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) XXII Dyansty
Site Thebes
Current Location
Location The British Museum
Catalog # EA22939

Mummy of an adult woman, chantress of Amun, in painted cartonnage casing with a gilded face acquired by the museum in 1890.


Mouth slightly open, all teeth apparently present, showing advanced dental attrition. Artificial eyes inserted in the orbits. Under the chin, in front of the neck, there is a metal amulet in the form of a kneeling goddess with wings. Thorax and Abdomen are filled with bundles of linen and packing material, and the usual four parcels of viscera with wax figurines in the shape of the Sons of Horus. Over the sternum there is a pectoral of metal in the form of a falcon with outstretched wings. There is another metallic plate in the shape of a vulture. There is evidence of subcutaneous packing. The 6th, 7th, and 8th right ribs have been fractured in their posterior third, and an incisor tooth lies opposite the body of the 4th dorsal vertebra; there is also a fracture of the right superior ramus of the pubis. Arms are extended. Hands with extended fingers over the pubic area.

Apart from lines of arrested growth at the lower ends of the tibiae, the bones and joints of the legs appear normal.


Nails of fingers and toes are covered with thin rectangular sheets of metal.


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