Thutmose ll
Human Mummy
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Biographical Information
Name(s) Thutmose II
Age 31
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Culture Egyptian
Current Location
Location Cairo, Egypt
Catalog #


Thutmose ll was the fourth Pharaoh in Egypt of the Eighteenth dynasty. During his ruling he built monuments and started two campaigns. His reign lasted from 1493 to 1479 BC. His body is on display in an Egyptian Museum in Cairo.


The mummy of Thutmose ll was found in the Deir el-Bahri cache in 1881. His mummy was unwrapped on July 1, 1886, by Gaston Maspero. His body had suffered a great deal due to the hands of ancient tomb robbers. Some of the post-mortem damages inflicted were: a broken left arm at the shoulder-joint, a separated forearm at the elbow-joint, a chopped off right arm below the elbow, hacking (possibly by an axe) on the anterior abdominal wall and chest, a severed right leg.

Studies & Pathology

Thutmose II's body was unwrapped on July 1, 1886, by Gaston Maspero. He had barely reached thirty when he contracted a disease which made his skin scab in patches, the upper part of his skull was bald. His body was thin, appearing to have not a lot of vigour and muscular power.

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