Thutmose IV
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Thutmose IV or Tuthmosis IV or Djehutymes IV
Sex m
Status royal
Culture Egyptian
Site Valley of the Kings
Current Location
Location Cairo Museum
Catalog # CG61073; JE34559

Thutmose IV was born to Amenhotep II and Tia'a but was not actually the crown prince and Amenhotep II's chosen successor to the throne. Some scholars speculate that Thutmose ousted his older brother in order to usurp power and then commissioned the Dream Stele in order to justify his unexpected kingship. Thutmose's most celebrated accomplishment was the restoration of the Sphinx at Giza. Little is actually known about him in comparison to others of this dynasty.


Recently a surgeon at Imperial College London concluded that Thutmose early death was likely as a result of a familial temporal epilepsy. Thismight account for both the untimely death of Thutmose IV and also his religious vision described on the Dream Stele, due to this type of epilepsy’s association with intense spiritual visions and religiosity.


His tomb was KV 43, located in the Valley of the Kings and discovered by Howard Carter. However, his mummy was found five years earlier to the tomb's discovery in a cache of mummies located in the tomb of Amenhotep II.


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