Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Age 25-35
Sex undetermined
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) lived somewhere between c. 1069 BC and c. 664 BC.
Current Location
Location Louisville Free Public Museum
Catalog # 221
Then-Hotep aka Tchaenhotep is a mummy at the Kentucky Science Centre. It is not known what caused the death of the individual, or even whether it was male or female, but it is believed that the individual died between 25 and 35 years of age. The name may be translated as 'the one who is content.'


Tchaenhotep’s tomb was located in 1903, by Italian Egyptologist Ernesto Schiaparellia. A dig that was commissioned by the Egyptian government.

The mummy was found in the Valley of the Kings in 1903 and was brought to the US for the 1904 World's Fair Egyptian exhibit, in St. Louis. After the exhibit, it was purchased by the Governor of Kentucky to be put on display at the Louisville Free Public Museum.

In 1937, a flood damaged many of the museum exhibits including the mummy, which was damaged by being crushed under a piano. It damaged the leg and pelvis and separated the my mummy's head from its torso.

In 1977, the mummy was relocated to the Kentucky Science Centre for display, after being restored after being damaged.


In 2000, the mummy was placed in storage at the museum until 2005. During that time, it was analyzed by the Louisville Baptist Hospital East, where it was discovered that the heart and brain had not been removed. The resulting studies were made public for the museums exhibition called the "World Around Us".

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