The Unlucky Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) The Unlucky Mummy, Amen-Ra
Age n/a
Sex Female
Status Fictional
Height n/a
Date(s) n/a
Current Location
Location bottom of the Atlantic
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The Unlucky Mummy is an invention used to tout the myth of the "mummy's curse."

In most versions of the story it is also called princess Amen-Ra from the 21st dynasty. The Mummy was of course removed from her Luxor tomb in the 1880’s by four young Englishmen who would inevitably become the first victims of the curse. One walked into the desert and was never seen again, another was shot accidentally and his arm had to be amputated, one of them was financially ruined, and the fourth man fell ill, and unable to work forced onto the street selling matches. The trail of doom continued from owner to owner, until of course, the mummy was shipped to America in the liner Titanic.

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