The Kolyma Wooly Rhinoceros
Animal Mummy
Wooly rhino
Biographical Information
Clas Unknown
Species Coelodonta antiquitatis
Age 39,000 years
Sex f
Culture Unknown
Date(s) 39,000 BP
Site Yakutia
Current Location
Catalog # Unknown

In 2007, gold miners discovered the well-preserved frozen mummy of a female wooly rhino at a gold mine in Yakutia. The mummified body was estimated to have once weighed around 1.5 tons. The rhino had thick brown fur and skin, a short, fur-covered tail and narrow ears. It lived around 39,000 years ago.


This is the first find of the whole body of woolly rhino in permafrost. The skull with 2 horns and the lower jaw were preserved. Most of the internal organs were lost, except the intestines, stomach, and their contents.

A rib fragment was dated by AMS-radiocarbon method to 39,140 ± 390 years BP.

Spore and pollen analyses of the stomach contents indicate that grasses and sage brushes formed the main part of the diet in this region.


Its head became detached from the body during excavation.

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