The Crusader
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) The Crusader
Age 800 yo
Sex M
Status possible soldier
Height 6foot 6inches
Culture Irish
Site St. Michan church Dublin, Ireland
Current Location
Location St. Michan church Dublin, Ireland
Catalog #

The St. Michan church in Dublin, Ireland was built in 1095. The church was rebuilt in 1686. Within the ancient crypt, the micro-climate favorable to mummification developed and remains within were dessicated and preserved. One of the mummies is known as 'The Crusader' it is believed that he was a soldier who either died in the crusades or returned and died shortly thereafter.


Naturally mummified, a so-called crypt mummy.


The Crusader was quite tall for the time, standing at 6 and a half feet tall his legs have been broken and folded up under him to fit him into his small coffin.


In February 2019, the crypt was broken into and desecrated. The head of the Crusader was stolen, another body was decapitated. An Garda Síochána detained and questioned a man in relation to the desecration and theft. The head and other bones were recovered and sent to the National Museum of Ireland for safekeeping as they had sustained water damage during the commission of the crime. After undergoing special conservation at the National Museum Ireland, the skull has been returned to the crypt.

At one time, visitors were allowed to touch his hand. Today no touching of the mummy is permitted.

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