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Teshemmin at University Museum of Bergen
Teshemmin at University Museum of Bergen
Biographical Information
Name(s) Teshemmin
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Status Elite
Height Unknown
Culture Ancient Egyptian
Date(s) 51-30 BC (Mummified)
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location University Museum of Bergen, Norway
Catalog # None

Teshemmin was a woman who lived in ancient Egypt during the Ptolemaic period, approximately 51-30 BC. According to inscriptions on her tomb, she was the daughter of a priest. This made her a member of the upper echelons of ancient Egyptian society. Teshemmin's mummy was brought to the University Museum of Bergen in 1828.


Teshemmin was mummified after her death in old age. She was covered with resin and then wrapped with fragments of linen. She was mummified wearing a tunic.


CT scans were conducted on Teshemmin's remains in 2009 at the Haukeland University Hospital. Upon opening her tomb, researchers saw that some of textiles used to cover her body were damaged. There was also significant damage in her face, where there seemed to be a mask previously. This indicated that theft occurred.


The CT scan results showed that Teshemmin suffered from great amount of joint pain throughout her life.

CT scan showing knee fractures

Furthermore, it was found that she had a hunched back and several bone fractures that did not heal properly. The fractures were located below her left knee and she had been suffering from these injuries for a long time. The CT scan results also indicated that Teshemmin had signs of skeletal disease which may have been due to an unbalanced diet.

CT scan results near her face showed that she was almost toothless, she only had one tooth remaining in its socket.


More information regarding Teshemmin can be obtained through this University Museum of Bergen educational video:

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