Telangana Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown
Age 25
Sex Female
Height 136 cm
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 2000 years ago
Current Location
Location Telangana Museum
Catalog #

It was earlier believed that this mummy was an Egyptian girl aged 16 to 18 and dated 300 BC to 100 BC. However a full scan of the preserved corpse showed that it was approximately a 25 year old woman who was 136 cm in height.


Most of the female's brain and primary organs were removed during the mummification process. This procedure may have caused the damaging of ribs and dislocation of the spine and one ankle, as it was found on the corpse. Nonetheless, the other bones (teeth and skull included) were completely intact. There was painted cartonnage of the Egyptian funerary mask placed on the mummy after the person's death.

Over time, the mummy has been damaged due to heat, light, temperature, humidity, insects and oxygen.


A CT scan and X-ray technique (with microscopic photography) was applied to the decaying mummy in India to provide information about the mummy's age.

Based on these studies, the officials have ascertained that there is probably a metal amulet inside the body.


The mummy is now contained in an oxygen-free case, which will not allow bacteria and insects to live. Furthermore, this will maintain the humidity at a consistent level inside the case. The technology used in this scenario is expected to set an example for other mummy conservation efforts around the world.


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