Human Mummy
DT57.C2 vol59 204
Biographical Information
Name(s) Tayuheret (also known as Taiouhrit)
Age Estimated as 50 years old
Sex Female
Status Chief of the Harim of Amen-Re
Height 1.606 m
Culture 21st Dynasty
Date(s) 1054-1046 B.C.
Site Tomb DB 320, Theban Necropoli, Egypt
Current Location
Location Cairo Museum, Egypt
Catalog # CG61091

Little is known about Tayuheret, but researches have speculated details about her life. It is thought that Tayuheret is the wife of High Priest, Masaharta. There are many analogical features of both of their coffins that points to a close relationship between them. She is also thought to be the mother of Isetemheb B. Evidence of Tayuheret's white hair indicates that she lived a long life and died as an elderly woman. 


The mummification of Tayuheret was poorly done. Her face has become distorted by the packing material from her cheeks. She has a nose guard fashioned from wax to prevent the distortion caused by wrapping. Wax was also used to fill the space between her lips. Her right eye has a wax plate in front of it, the left eye has an artificial stone eye in it. She likely is wearing a wig covering her ears and her real hair is mostly white. Her body had suffered insect damage, specifically her forehead. This method of mummification was simlar to the methods used on Maatkare and Duathathor-Henttawy-A. 


Grafton Elliot Smith examined and studied the body, documenting it in his book, The Royal Mummies. The mummy of Tayuheret has also been fully examined using modern technology,  CT scans, to investigate the degree of quality and the method of her mummification. 


The mummy of Tayuheret was found in Tomb DB 320, chamber F, with Masaaharta and Maatkare Mutemhet. It is speculated that this is not her original site of burial but that she was relocated here later on. DB 320, located in the Theban cliffs, was discovered in 1881 and found to be the tomb of more than 50 kings, queens and other royalty. 

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