Sulman Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Sulman Mummy
Age 27-28
Sex female
Status low
Height NA
Culture Nubian-Egyptian
Date(s) Ptolemaic Period
Current Location
Location Chatham-Kent Museum
Catalog #

The mummy was purchased at the Bulak Museum in Cairo by George and Mary Sulman while on tour there, the Sulmans were told it was Egyptian princess Arsinoe, a lie told to seal the deal.

The Chatham-Kent Museum has since acquired the mummy. By the time the mummy was donated to the museum in 1943, it was already a local celebrity. It has remained one of the favourite artifacts in the museum collection and is the source of endless curiosity.


Early x-rays taken by Dr. T. K. Holmes in the 1920s showed no jewellery or amulets contained within the wrappings.

In the 1980s the mummy underwent extensive restoration and new x-rays led to the conclusion the mummy was about 2,200 years old; it was a male, aged 27-28 years at the time of death; it was not royal, as evidenced by signs of arthritis and childhood trauma and the quality of the cartonnage.

In 2001 more advanced scans showed the mummy was indeed a woman who was in her 30s at the time of death. Harris lines on her tibia indicated cyclical interruptions in her growth and her teeth showed signs of advanced wear.

In 2003, laser and CT scans showed it was possible that the mummy was Nubian, or Nubian-Egyptian. A sub-Saharan culture, Nubia was linked to Egypt through economy as it provided a source of natural resources, trading, and a labor force.

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