Sui Xiaoyuan
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Sui Shaoyan
Age 60
Sex male
Status magistrate
Height 1.678 m
Culture China
Date(s) 167 BC
Site Phoenix Mountain
Current Location
Catalog #
The mummy was found in a tomb in Jingzhou, China in 1974, a Magistrate, he was found 300 km from the tomb of Xin Zhui.

There was partial damage on the skin of the forehead and lower limbs. Many internal organs, including the liver, gallbladder, and several cranial nerves, were found intact.


Many internal organs were still intact when the body was found. His limbs and joints were still flexible and his skin elastic like a fresh body. Blood found in his veins was typed to AB. A seal with his name found in his mouth. A redish fluid – mildly acidic, traces of cinnabar, a mercury ore, (a red mineral consisting of native mercuric sulfide) were found in his tomb.


There was evidence that when alive was suffering from a variety of diseases, including pleurisy, pericarditis, and cholecystitis.

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