Animal Mummy
Image credit: Duke Digital Group
Biographical Information
Clas Unknown
Species canine
Culture Unknown
Date(s) c 1960
Site Georgia
Current Location
Location Southern Forest World
Catalog # Unknown
Found by loggers in 1980, the hound was estimated to have died in the 1960s after wedging itself up inside a hollow tree, probably in pursuit of prey. The hound became stuck and eventually died of thirst inside the tree which acted as a chimney, drying and preserving the hound's body.

The log containing the dog mummy was eventually donated to Southern Forest World, a museum dedicated to trees, which is located in Waycross, Georgia. In 2002, Southern Forest World held a naming contest for it. The winning entry “Stuckey” beat out runners-up “Dogwood” and “Chipper” though the spelling was changed to avoid confusion with a convenience store of that name.


Chestnut oak tannin, which is used in taxidermy and tanning, from the inside of the tree, seeped into the dog and prevented it from rotting, aiding in the natural mummification process.

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