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Steppe Bison
Animal Mummy
Biographical Information
Clas Unknown
Species steppe bison
Age 9,000 years
Sex m
Length Unknown
Culture Unknown
Date(s) Holocene
Site Siberia
Current Location
Catalog #

A four-year-old male bison was discovered in August 2011 by members of Yukagir tribe near Lake Chukchalak in the Yana-Indigirka Lowland of Yakutia, Russia.

The bison weighs between 500 and 600 kilograms and has a spread of 75 centimeters between its horn tips. It was found with its brain, heart, blood vessels, genitalia, and digestive system, stomach and intestinal contents, intact.

An absence of fat around its abdomen and because it was found in reclined, it is believed the bison died of starvation or had a natural death


Even the snout, tips of ears, and tail, were well preserved after nearly 9,300 years in the permafrost


At the Yakutian Academy of Sciences in Siberia the bison's brain was removed for further study, researchers also took out the rest of its internal organs, to study the tissues.

The rumen and reticulum were filled with vegetation mass containing shrub and tree branches and roots.


No visible parasites in the examined organs, pathological tissues, or injury


A steppe bison (Bison priscus), is an extinct ancestor of the modern bison. The Yukagir bison mummy became one of four now known complete mummies of this species discovered in the world.

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