St. Zita
Human Mummy
7244577 f520
Biographical Information
Name(s) Zita
Age 60
Sex Female
Height 1.35 meters
Culture Italian
Date(s) 1212-1272
Current Location
Location Basilica di San Frediano in Lucca, Italy
Catalog # none

Born into a poor Christian family in Tuscany, Italy. At the age of 12 she become a servant for a wealthy family where she was mistreated. At the age of 12 she went to work as a servant and was eventually promoted to head house keeper. She was often caught stealing bread to give to the poor, she was a spiritual woman known for her work ethic.


Her body was entombed upon her death and year later it was discovered that her body was not decomposing. The body was exhumed in 1580, it was discovered to have naturally mummified. instead, her body was naturally mummified. Today her body is on display in the Church of Basilica Di San Freudiano in Lucca, Italy.


Studies concluded that she died of lung disease.


She was canonized in 1696. St. Zita's Feast day is on April 27th. She is the patron saint of servants and lost keys. Sometimes she is often referred to as "Saint Zita of Lucca".

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