St. Michan's Mummies
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) St. Michan's Mummies
Age 400 - 800 yo
Sex both
Culture Irish
Date(s) 1200 - 1600
Site St. Michan church Dublin, Ireland
Current Location
Location St. Michan church Dublin, Ireland
Catalog #
The St. Michan church in Dublin, Ireland was built in 1095. The church was rebuilt in 1686. Within the ancient crypt, the micro-climate favorable to mummification developed and remains within were desiccated and preserved. There are four mummies in one of the underground crypts called The Big Four. One is referred to as The Crusader, the other three are a woman who is called The Unknown, a man known as The Thief, an another woman of small size, nicknamed The Nun for no particular reason as nothing at all is know about the four.


Naturally preserved in the micro-climate of the crypt.


The male mummy had one hand and both feet amputated at some point.

In February 2019 the crypt was desecrated and the mummies damaged, the 400 year old "nun's" remains had been “completely trashed.”


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Ancient burials in St Michan’s crypt desecrated By Sarah Mac Donald

St. Michan’s Church, Dublin and the story of the four mummies Nikola Petrovski

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