Sophie Luise von Kniestätt
Human Mummy
Sophie 1
Biographical Information
Name(s) Sophie Luise Von Kniestatt
Age 41
Sex Female
Height 164.5 cm
Date(s) 17th-19th Century
Current Location
Location Bavaria, Germany
Catalog #
Sophie Luise Von Kniestatt is one of five adult crypt mummies found at the Sommersdorf Castle, which is located in a southern German Region called Franconia. She was buried in a crypt below the castle, which was for members of the von Crailsheim family. Research has shown that these mummies were buried within the 17th to 19th



The mummies found here were naturally mummified. Despite the moisture in the crypt area, the bodies found had well preserved skin and muscle tissue.


Various researches at the University of Zurich conducted have shown that Sophie had degenerative alterations on the articular facets of the lower thoracic and lumbar spine. Researchers found that she was probably overweight.


Sophie was found to have died shortly after giving birth to her eighth child. After additional research of her joints, it was revealed that she had severe osteoarthritis. Furthermore, it was also found that Sophie had a very severe spine curvature as a result of extra vertebrae.


The mummy can be found in the crypt of the Sommersdorf Castle.

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