Skrydstrup Woman
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Skrydstrup Woman
Age 18-19 years old
Sex Female
Status elite
Height 170 cm tall
Culture Originated in Denmark
Date(s) Died around 1300 BCE
Site Unearthed from a tumulus in Southern Jutland, in 1935
Current Location
Location On exhibition at the National Museum in Copenhagen
Catalog #

The Skrydstrup Woman was unearthed from a tumulus (barrow) in Southern Jutland, in 1935 on the Skrydstrup field, one kilometer Southwest of Vojens in Southern Denmark. Carbon-14 dating showed that she had died around 1300 BCE; examination also revealed that she had been buried in the summertime. Her hair had been drawn up in an elaborate hairstyle, which was then covered by a horse hair hairnet made by sprang technique. She was wearing a blouse and a necklace as well as two golden earrings, showing she was of higher class. In life she was a slim, tall young woman with long eyelashes, ash blonde hair.


After her death, Skrydstrup woman, who was about 18 or 19 years old, was placed in an oak coffin on a bed of chervil, covered with a hide. The coffin and herbs have long since decayed, but the body and its clothing were surprisingly well preserved. What’s more, they would have been even more intact had the hardpan layer above the grave not been broken a few years before the body was discovered.


She was wearing a shirt with elbow length sleeves, wrapped and covered with a piece of woven woolen cloth. Next to her head lay an intricately-worked cap made in the technique called "sprang". The woman's hair was combed forward over a hair pad and covered with a hairnet made out of horse hair.


She was approximately 170 cm tall.


Sometimes referred to as The Skrydstrup Girl.

She was buried in the center of a mound, pointing to a woman of great importance. Close to where Skrydstrup Woman was buried, archaeologists have found two large long-houses. One of which is the largest known "three-aisled" houses from the early Bronze Age - it was 500 square meters in size. The area where she was buried is known to have been a center of wealth, due to a large number of Bronze Age burial mounds and impressive long-houses that have been excavated in the area.

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