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Six-Fingered Boy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Six-Fingered Boy
Age 2-3
Sex m
Status child
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) Unknown
Current Location
Location University of Michigan Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
Catalog #

On display at the Kelsey Museum is the mummy of a child between two and three years old. It’s tightly wrapped in its original cloth and displayed in an exhibit that looks like a small cave.


After a CT Scan, it was revealed "The mummy has six fingers on one of its hands and that was something that wasn’t clear from older X-Rays that has been done on it. It’s clear that the body was not in good condition when the mummy was wrapped, which suggests that the child had died and hadn’t immediately been buried. And there is a wooden framework in there which did not appear on the X-Rays, which they probably had to tie the body to that to keep it in place during the embalming."