Biographical Information
Name(s) Siptah
Sex Male
Status Pharaoh
Height Unknown
Culture Egypt
Date(s) Reign: 1197-1191 BC (19th Dynasty)
Site KV47
Current Location
Location Valley of the Kings
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The penultimate ruler of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt. 

The seventh ruler of the 19th Dynasty, Siptah ruled in name from c. 1194 to 1188 BC. He was perhaps the second son of Seti II by Queen Tiaa, and apparently succeeded to the throne as a boy because Seti II's chosen heir had predeceased the pharaoh. Seti II's Queen, Tausret, became the regent for the new pharaoh and under Siptah, the empire was largely controlled by Tausret and her Chancellor, Bay. Although the Chancellor was ordered executed in the fifth year of Siptah's reign, Tausret still held her position and when Siptah died in his sixth year as pharaoh, Tausret assumed his position and ruled Egypt as Queen for another two years. Siptah was entombed in what is now designated as tomb KV47 in the Valley of the Kings. His tomb was entered shortly after his death and his cartouches were erased, possibly on Tausret's command. KV47 was discovered by Edward Ayrton in December 1905, but his mummy was not found within this tomb, but was discovered to be among 18 others in the mummy cache within the tomb KV35 found in 1898.


Nearly destroyed by grave robbers, Siptah's mummy is packed with lichen (rather than linen). Researchers found a black line painted across his forehead. The red granite outer sarcophagus is shaped like a cartouche, with the image of the king carved into the upper surface of the lid. He is flanked by figures of Isis and Nephthys and surrounded by a crocodile, a snake and a pair of cobras with human heads and arms. The sarcophagus box is decorated with alternating triple khekher-ornaments and recumbent jackals.


Siptah's feet.

KV47, the Tomb of Siptah was discovered by Edward Ayrton on December 18th, 1905 while working for Theodore Davis. In 1912, Harry Burton excavated the tomb for Davis, mostly working between the four pillared chamber and up to and including the the burial chamber. But the tomb was never really completely cleared until 1994.



His mummy revealed that he suffered from ill-health as well as being afflicted with a deformed left leg and club foot. This has been attributed to polio.


He was 1.6 metres tall and had curly reddish brown hair.


When he ascended to the throne Tausret, the Great Wife of Seti II, was his regent.

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