Si Quey
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Si Quey aka See Uey Sae Ung aka Si Oui
Age 32
Sex male
Status serial killer
Culture Chinese Immigrant into Thailand
Date(s) DOD Sept. 17, 1959
Site Thailand
Current Location
Location Songkran Niyomsan Museum of Forensic Medicine
Catalog #
Si Quey was a Chinese immigrant who moved to Thailand in 1944. He was accused of murdering seven boys, removing their internal organs and then eating them. The murders took place in Prachuap Khiri Khan, Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom and Rayong. In 1958 he was arrested in Rayong province, reportedly in possession of the body of a boy, together with the extracted heart and liver. He confessed to the murder in Rayong but denied he was planning to eat the internal organs. He was executed by a firing squad the following year.

His body was then placed in the Songkran Niyomsan Museum of Forensic Medicine as a warning to potential killers. He has since become a bogeyman for Thai children as parents threaten misbehaving children with a visit from his ghost.


His cadaver was filled with and covered by paraffin wax.


In 2019 Bangkok’s Siriraj Hospital removed the embalmed corpse from display.

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