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Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Sheryet-Mehyet
Age late 50s
Sex Female
Status Priestess
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 700 BC
Site Around Thebes
Current Location
Location The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Catalog #

The Sheryet mummy was purchased in Cairo in 1896 by Dr. T. T. Eaton and given to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1906 by Mrs. J. Lawrence Smith.The mummy was reported as coming from a tomb excavation outside of Thebes, and the genuineness of the sarcophagus was verified by Egyptologist Heinrich Karl Brugsch.

Sheryet-Mehyet (nicknamed "Sheri") means "child of the goddess Mehyet". Sheryet was a Egyptian Priestess who lived around 700 BC. She is thought to have died from natural causes in her late 50s.


The mummy was created by the standard practice of the time. The sarcophagus had hieroglyphs which told of Sheryet's identity and that was what was used to learn her name and that she was a priestess.


The wooden panel over the face features a gold mask with delicate features. There are extensive hieroglyphics covering the lower portion of the sarcophagus.

In 1961, faculty decided to remove the upper portion of the case and unwrap the mummy’s face. It was then displayed in Norton Hall, one of the campus buildings, alongside other historical objects. When the mummy was moved into its current location in 2008, faculty made the decision to re-wrap the body and close the sarcophagus.

The mummy was recorded as 5 foot two inches in height There are three different ages given for the mummy’s estimated age-at-death. Wade & Nelson (2013) identify the individuals’ age-at-death to have been between 35-50 years of age, while Nancy Carter (Carter, 1975) records her age as 40-50, and X-rays and enhanced CT scans taken by Dr. Bill Jackson of Mid-South BMH Radiology indicate an age of 50 plus years (Mummylist, n.d.).

CT scans of the mummy, examined by Wade & Nelson (2013) reveal that Sheryet Mehyet had been eviscerated through trans-abdominal evisceration, leaving her heart intact.


Sheryet was found to have died of natural causes.


After being donated to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Sheryet remained almost untouched there for 120 years. It is said that over the time the mummy was at the seminary it had been stored in closets, professors' offices, and even allegedly in the cafeteria.

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