Image of Shemai's Tomb - image from
Image of Shemai's Tomb - image from
Biographical Information
Name(s) Shemai
Age ~ 3800 years old
Sex Male
Status elite
Height Unknown
Culture Ancient Egyptian
Date(s) Lived around 1897-1839 B.C, during the 12th Dynasty
Site Qubbet El-Hawa
Current Location
Location Aswan, Egypt
Catalog #

Shemai lived during the 12th dynasty of Ancient Egypt, the son of Statethotep and Khema. Shemai's older brother, Sarenput II, was a powerful general and governor during the reigns of Pharaohs Senwosret II and Senwosret III ruled Egypt. Since Shemai was not part of the royal family, the discovery of his tomb is significant because it givens a look on the lives of those who were not in power.


The tomb was found in the ancient cemetery at Qubbet El-Hawa and the body was covered in polychrome cartonnage, collar, and a mask. The body was preserved using embalming methods typical of the period, leaving behind a dry corpse that is less susceptible to decaying.

Additional Information

There were multiple burials at the site of Shemai's tomb. Two coffins as well as an additional mummy were found, along with models of people and boats. Part of the tomb has not yet been excavated while the other part has been broken into and robbed in the ancient times.


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