Sergei Arsentiev
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown
Sex m
Status climber
Date(s) 1998
Site Mt Everest
Current Location
Catalog #
Mountaineers Francys and Sergei Arsentiev decided to scale Everest without bottled oxygen, and succeeded. On their way back down from the summit, however, they were exhausted, and had to spend another night on the slope with barely any oxygen. At some point the next day, Sergei became separated from his wife. He made it back to camp, but went back to find her once he realized she wasn’t there. A group of climbers had encountered Francys and said she was suffering from oxygen deprivation and frostbite, but Sergei was no where to be seen. His body was found a year later, he had apparently suffered a fatal fall while looking for his wife. They left behind a son.


His frozen body remains on Everest with about 150 other mountain fatalities.


He was a Russian climber, known as the Snow Leopard for his mountaineering prowess, including the climbing of the five highest peaks in the former Soviet Union. He and his wife had reached the summit without supplemental oxygen and were descending when disaster struck. A team of Uzbek climbers said later that they had seen Sergei, who had asked for oxygen and medicine, and then left them to return to his wife. He was not seen again.


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