Senenenre Tao Human Mummy
Seqenenre Taa II
Biographical Information
Name(s) Seqenenre Tao
Age ~40
Sex Male
Status Mummified Pharaoh
Height unknown
Culture Culture
Date(s) 1600 BCE- 1501 BCE
Site Royal Mummies Hall at the Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Current Location
Location Egypt
Catalog #
Thought to have been the son of Queen Tetisheri and Sanakhtenre Ahmose. He married Inhapy making her Great Royal Wife. He reigned from Thebes while the Hyksos controlled Avaris. He is said to have died during the war with the Hyksos. The mummy was found, along with many of the great New Kingdom pharaohs, in the cache at al-Deir al-Bahari in Luxor in 1881.


The mummy was discovered in the Deir el- Bahri cache in 1881. The mummy was seemed to be hastily embalmed. X-rays showed that there was no attempt to remove the brain or to add linen inside the cranium or eyes. His mummy was the most poorly preserved out of all royal mummies. They noted that a "foul, oily smell filled the room the moment the case in which his body was exhibited was opened", which is likely due to the poor embalming process and the absence of the use of absorbing natron salts, leaving some bodily fluids in the mummy at the time of burial.


Seqenenre met a violent death, probably during battle with the Hyksos. He had apparently been stabbed behind the ear, his cheek and nose had been smashed with a mace, and hit above the right eye with a battle axe. The long wound to the forehead fits an Egyptian battleaxe, the one to the left cheek and above the right eye perfectly matches a Hyksos-style weapon. The blow to the nose could have been made by the blunt end of an axe or a mace, and the injury below the left ear was probably a dagger or spear.


He was a Pharaoh for a short period of time but in that time he is known to have had built a new palace. This palace was made of mud brick at Deer el- Ballas. A building near was found that most likely was a military observation post. Here, a large amount of pottery known as Kerma- ware was found. This meant there was a great number of Kerma Nubians that were in the resident at the site. It was assumed that they were there as allies of the pharaoh in his wars against the Hyksos.

Seqenenre “Who Strikes Like Re” Tao “Great” or "Brave"

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