Segedunum Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Sex male
Status high
Height unknown
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 700-400 BC
Site Memphis, Egypt
Current Location
Location Segedunum Museum, Tyne & Wear, England
Catalog #
Donated to the museum in the late 19th century, the head was described as an Old Kingdom mummy. The head was first cataloged in 1877 and indicated that it was found at Saqqara in Egypt.


Superb, high end preservation, but only the head survives. The standard of mummification indicated an elite personage and indicate late New Kingdom era.


GCMS tests showed traces of bitumen and pitch. Bitumen clearly indicates Late Period mummy as it was not used prior to that. Hair samples yielded bees wax, balsam, used in the manufacture of wigs, and bitumen.

The head appears to have been removed from the body postmortem. The damage to the brow also appears to have been postmortem.  Speculation suggests the damage was a result of tomb robbers.

Radiologists suggest a violent relocation of a vertebrae may indicate a death by strangulation or hanging.

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