Saint Catherine of Bologna
Biographical Information
Name(s) Saint Catherine of Bologna
Age 1413-1463, 49 years
Sex Female
Status Catholic Saint
Height Unknown
Culture Roman Catholic
Date(s) Unknown
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Bologna
Catalog #

Saint Catherine was born in 1413 in Bologna, Italy. Her father was a government official who worked for the Marquis of Ferrara, an individual from the royal family. When she was 11, Catherine was welcome to live in the castle to be a friend to the marquis' daughter, Margaret. She and Margaret were taught together by a teacher. Catherine particularly delighted in the art lessons she and Margaret were given. Catherine found that God had favored her with an ability for drawing.During her years in the royal residence, she additionally found that God was calling her to a more straightforward and devout life. She returned home and joined a gathering of young ladies who became nuns and invested energy in petition together every day.Soon, the ladies chose to join a request of nuns called the Poor Clares. These nuns moved in the opposite direction of anything that shielded them from concentrating on God. They had no individual belongings and shared everything.


Her body diffused a sweet smell. Miraculous cures started to happen at St Catherine's grave site, as even the hopeless were immediately mended. However, her body was uncovered eighteen days after burial and was observed to be in-corrupt. One of the nuns saw a touch of skin which appeared to dangle from one of Catherine's feet, thus pulled it off. New blood promptly streamed, as though she were still alive. St Catherine's body has stayed in-corrupt.



The body of Saint Catherine can be found in Bologna robed in an expensive clothing exhibited by St Charles Borromeo and situated upright. Her skin has been obscured by smoke. She was concecrated by Pope Clement XI in the year 1712.

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