Roman Period Man
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Roman Period Man
Age adult
Sex M
Height 167.5 centimetres
Culture Romano-Egyptian
Current Location
Location The British Museum
Catalog # EA29783
Purchased for the museum in 1898, the mummy is that of a large boned adult man wearing a gilded cartonnage mummy-mask.


No fractures on the skull. There is a dislocation in the neck of the 6th cervical vertebra upon the 7th. No fractures of ribs, dorsal and lumbar spine, pelvis, or hips. No arthritic changes noted. There is a sausage-shaped opacity in the upper left hemithorax, and a larger similar shadow in the lower right hemithorax extending into the right hypochondrium. There is a rounded opacity in the pelvis, probably a mass of solidified linen and resin. Arms are flexed at the elbows, the forearms crossed over the breast, right over left, the hands just below the shoulders. Legs are Normal, no fractures, dislocations, or lines of arrested growth.


The mummy was placed in a rectangular wooden coffin in the form of a naos (temple) with four feet and a cavetto cornice; at each end are painted funerary scenes on a layer of plaster. Two infant mummies, probably twins, are lying on the adult mummy's thighs, and a third, older, child, is lying on its right side, parallel to the right leg of the adult.


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