Found by miners in 1911, the Red Haired Giant mummy was located 22 miles southwest of Lovelock, Nevada. The mummy was thought to be 6 and a half feet tall when alive. Ancient legends of the local Paiute described a race of red-haired giants – called Si-te-cahs – who were the enemies of many tribes of the region.


Lovelock Cave, in Nevada, was excavated by archaeologists in 1924, thirteen years after miners began mining bat from the cave floor. The miners continued to dig, sifting out the ancient relics found inside. They finally notified the University of California about their finds, and the official excavation began. There is some debate as to the veracity of the claims made regarding the Lovelock Giants. There were reports of mummified remains being found of two red-haired giants, however, no such evidence remains.

Among the artifacts found were woven cloth, tools, duck decoys, inscribed stones, and supposedly, tall red-haired mummies. The original miners and excavators claimed that several mummies (partial and whole) were unearthed.

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