Ramesses XI
Ramesses XI from KV6 mural
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ramesses XI of Egypt
Age Approx 35-45
Sex Male
Status pharaoh
Height Unknown
Culture Ancient Egyptian religion
Date(s) Reigned from 1107 BC to 1078
Site Valley of the Kings
Current Location
Location Egypt
Catalog # Unknown
Ramesses XI was the tenth and final pharaoh of the Twentieth dynasty of Egypt, born 1120 BCE Egypt. His predecessor was Ramesses X and his successor was Smendes. He ruled Egypt for at least 29 years but this number could be larger. Ramesses XI may have had two daughters, one who became king Smendes' future wife in the next dynasty. Ramesses XI's reign was characterized by the gradual disintegration of the Egyptian state due to civil conflict.


Ramesses XI is believed to have married Tentamun, the daughter of Nebseny, with whom he is assumed to have fathered Duathathor-Henuttawy—the future wife of the high priest Pinedjem I. Ramesses XI may have had another daughter named Tentamun who became king Smendes' future wife in the next dynasty.


Ramesses XI was once thought to be the son of Ramesses X by Queen Tyti who was a King's Mother, King's Wife and King's Daughter in her titles. However, recent scholarly research into certain copies of parts of the Harris papyrus (made by Anthony Harris) which discusses a harem conspiracy against Ramesses III reveals that Tyti was rather a queen of pharaoh Ramesses III instead. Hence, Ramesses XI's mother was not Tyti and although he could have been a son of his predecessor, this is not established either.


Ramesses XI died under unknown circumstances. Some speculate natural causes while accusations of murder or sabotage have been noted seeing as there was a civil unrest going on at the time. He had a tomb prepared for himself in the Valley of the Kings (KV4), it was left unfinished and only partly decorated since Ramesses XI instead arranged to have himself buried away from Thebes.



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