Ramesses IV
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ramesses IV (aka Ramses or Rameses)
Age unknown
Sex male
Status pharaoh, 3rd ruler of the 20th dynasty
Height unspecified
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) mid 1100s BCE
Site Valley of the Kings
Current Location
Location Egyptian National Museum in Cairo
Catalog #

Ramesses IV became crown prince in the twenty-two of his father's reign. Though the fifth son of his Ramesses III, his four older brother's predeceased their father. Successor to his father, he ruled from 1155-1149 BCE. Had large plans for the future of of Egypt, but died short of completing any of them. He had a chief wife named Tentopet, who was buried in QV74 in the Valley of the Queens. Succeeded by Ramesses V.


His mummy was found in 1898 inside of the royal cache of Amenhotp II's tomb, his own tomb is highly simplistic,

tomb walls

he took the throne in a period of economic decline in Egypt. Little funerary equipment is known to have been found within the tomb itself. The sarcophagus was broken into at one end during antiquity and the lid displaced. The king's mummy was eventually found in KV 35.


His tomb walls are among the most decorated and well known tombs in the Valley.

He was approximately 50 years old when he died.

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