Röst Girl
Human Mummy
200px-Röst Girl.jpg
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown
Age Approximately 3 Years old
Sex Female
Height Unknown
Culture German
Date(s) 200 BCE – 80 CE
Current Location
Location Schleswig-Holstein
Catalog #

Röst Girl was a bog mummy discovered in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany in 1926.


The remains of Röst Girl were uncovered in 1926, she is thought have died sometime between 200 BCE and 80 CE in a bog in the Schleswig-Holstein state of Germany. The body was presumed destroyed during WWII.


Röst Girl was found in a section of bog in Germany. This type of mummification leads to a wide variation in the levels of preservation, and due to the destruction of her remains no further study is possible.

Cause of Death

The initial cause of death for the Röst Girl is unknown.


A toddler who lived sometime between 200 B.C.E. and 80 C.E. in what is now Germany. She is possibly the youngest bog body ever found. The body was destroyed during bombing in the Second World War. Only the woolen cloak over the body remains, this was used to date her.




Through Nature to Eternity: The Bog Bodies of Northwest Europe written by W. A. B. van der Sanden

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